Aug 13, 2008

Exercis # 2 and # 3

Creating a Blog was such an interesting experience. Like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole into another world, I have left my safe environment and entered into an enchanted forest of strange creatures, wonderful language, mysterious labyrinths and exciting adventures. All this while sitting comfortably at my desk with a kind and wise mentor happy to guide me through this new land.
Where will this adventure take me in the weeks ahead?
I am looking forward to leaping into new spaces, (hopefully landing on my feet) and bouncing back into 'real time' to catch my breath, all the while learning how to navigate in cyberspace.
Yeah! I am learning to fly!!!

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Miss Neggs said...

Hey minnie mouse, I am currently doing the web 2.0 programme (the 2nd re-run of the programme).
Yes I thought so creating a blog is such interesting as I have never put much interest in it in the past.
Glad that you made it through the whole programme.
I am now Alice in Wonderland, feeling pretty excited in this blogging adventure. Even though I will be expecting strange creatures, speaking foreign languages and exploring the pathway of the blog world, I am sure that I will make it through this programme.
"The only way out is through"