Jul 23, 2010

Module 2 Topic 1

That's my first reaction to Twitter!
The YouTube clip posted by Day Dreamer - Twouble with Twitters - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN2HAroA12w - says it all for me.
I obviously have to spend some more time trying to find out why millions of people are using it.

Module 1 Topic 2

I'm not sure if I would use this. I still prefer to record my username and passwords in a diary.
AND I'm so far behind I want to move on to learn more about Twitter!!

Module1 Topic 1

I think online security is very important as there have been many cases of people being led into situations (financial and social) where they found themselves at risk.
I like the idea of a password generator as I find myself getting impatient when I have to think up a new one so often.
Money:Cheques dying a slow death

Sep 29, 2008

Exercise # 23

This has been a great opportunity to learn about the Digital world. Thanks to the training team for their support and encouragement throughout the process. At times it has been a scramble to keep up and I will re-visit many of the sites to spend more time and explore further. My overall impression was the ease of access to information and the ability to share with others, both at a personal and professional level. I had assumed that it would be quite difficult to learn how to navigate through this wilderness but I was surprised that with a bit of perserverance it became easier with each attempt.
See also: Digital Divide; Digital Art;
My current favourite is Library Thing, because it is on our website and I can use it to file away titles of books I want to read instead of overloading my requests list. There were many surprises, not least the huge deposit of brilliant photographs that are freely available. I think this is a journey that has just begun and it will be a lifelong process of learning and exploring.

Sep 26, 2008

Exercise # 22

The heading on the article says it all for me "information wants to be free" as it epitomises the whole concept of empowering individuals by allowing freedom of access to information. Burning the books throughout history has been used as a way to repress people, but it seems as if with this new technology it is increasingly difficult for information to be suppressed. With the intelligent nurturing of parternship between librarians and library users, using all the modern tools at our disposal, the digital world indeed has the ability to create a brave new world.