Jul 23, 2010

Module 2 Topic 1

That's my first reaction to Twitter!
The YouTube clip posted by Day Dreamer - Twouble with Twitters - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN2HAroA12w - says it all for me.
I obviously have to spend some more time trying to find out why millions of people are using it.

Module 1 Topic 2

I'm not sure if I would use this. I still prefer to record my username and passwords in a diary.
AND I'm so far behind I want to move on to learn more about Twitter!!

Module1 Topic 1

I think online security is very important as there have been many cases of people being led into situations (financial and social) where they found themselves at risk.
I like the idea of a password generator as I find myself getting impatient when I have to think up a new one so often.
Money:Cheques dying a slow death